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 ERASE - Everyone Raising Awareness of Substance abuse Education 

ERASE is part of the Monona County Community Alliance.  Its members are a group of concerned citizens, business owners and agencies working together to reduce the abuse of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco in Monona County. 

Its vision is to keep Monona County free from drug, alcohol, and tobacco abuse, promoting strong families, safe neighborhoods, and vibrant communities. 

Its mission is to eliminate the abuse of drugs, alcohol and tobacco in Monona County, assisting members of the communities to engage in healthy behaviors through prevention, education and advocacy.

Alcohol Abuse Prevention & Education: 
Holly Keegan of Jackson Recovery Center is the Coordinator for the Strategic Prevention Framework (of Iowa) State Incentive Grant (SPF SIG) for Monona County.  "SPF is a five-step planning process known to support positive youth development, reduce risk-taking behaviors, build on assets and prevent problem behaviors."  Its goals are to (1) Reduce underage alcohol use for those under age 21 and (2) Reduce adult binge drinking for those 18 and over.  This is a five-year grant funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP).  Holly is a member of the Monona County Community Alliance ERASE Workgroup and is Coordinator for implementing the SPF SIG objectives for the county.
Please see the following links:
          TOPIC:  Do You Know What Drugs Are in Your Cupboard?  
          DATE:   Tuesday, February 18, 2014
          TIME:     5:30 - 7:15 p.m.
          PLACE:  West Monona High School Auditorium, 1314 15th St., Onawa, IA 51040

     FREE Responsible Beverage Service Training Held in September, 2012 in Onawa 
     Social Host Ordinance Flyer Developed by West Monona Students  
     Sign up for FREE Responsible Beverage Service Training if you are a Monona County Liquor License Holder  
Monona County Compliance Checks  
2011 - 2014 Monona County SPF SIG/MCCA Strategic Plan            
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     Never Underestimate the Life of a Drunk Photo

The Monona County Social Host Ordinance was passed at the Monona County Supervisor's meeting room on 11/20/2012.  MCCA - ERASE members in attendance at the signing of the ordinance included:
                   L-R: Back row: Julie Florian, Community Partner in Tobacco Control Coordinator;
                   Linda Phillips, Iowa Cares; Claudia Boss, MCCA - ERAS Workgroup Chairman; Pricilla Anderson,  
                  Jackson Recovery.  Front row:  Holly Keegan, SPF-SIG Coordinator; holding the signed Social Host 
                  Ordinance; and Harvey Hanson, Minister and MCCA - ERASE Workgroup member.

Please click this link to read the
Monona County Social Host Ordinance 

This ordinance targets the underage drinking problem in Monona County.  It makes people who give alcohol to minors responsible for their actions. Property owners will be ticketed if youth under age 21 drink alcohol on their property.  Property owners will be held responsible if they do not take reasonable steps to prevent underage drinking.

The property owner will be held responsible whether or not they are present at the time the underage drinking occurs.  The new law covers all areas and towns in Monona County.

"Law Enforcement will be enforcing the legal drinking age of 21, and holding people who allow underage drinking accountable for breaking that law", said Holly Keegsn, Monona County SPF-SIG Coordinator.  

If found guilty, property owners could face a penalty of $750.  Property owners can avoid fines by reporting underage
drinking and calling police if they know that underage drinking is taking place.  This law is important because underage drinking is dangerous and happens frequently.

Passing the Social Host Ordinance is a step towards reducing underage drinking in Monona County and making the County a healthier place for kids and families.

Tobacco Abuse Prevention and Education:

Julie Florian, Community Partner in Tobacco Control Coordinator, is also a member of the MCCA - ERASE Workgroup. The goals of the Tobacco Community Partnership Action Plan consist of (1) Preventing the initiation of tobacco use by youth, (2) Promoting smoking cessation by adults and youth, (3) Eliminating exposure to secondhand smoke. 
Please see the following links:  
     Quitline Iowa  
     Secondhand Smoke Information  
     The Hazards of Seondhand Smoke from the American Lung Association  
     Smoke-Free Homes  
        Help for Tenants  
        Find a Smoke-Free Building Near You  
        Help for Property Managers    
     Smoke Free Air Act  
     Tobacco Community Partnership Action Plan  
     2011-12 Smoking Statistics for Monona County  

     Percent of new moms who smoked before and during 3rd trimester of pregnancy  
Percent of moms who smoked before pregnancy but quit before beginning of 3rd trimester 
Percent of change from 2007/08 to 2011 in new mom 3rd trimester smoking rates  
New mom smoking quit rate     
     Iowa Students for Tobacco Education and Prevention (I-STEP)    

The MCCA - ERASE Workgroup is always looking for new members who are passionate about making positive changes in their community.  You may attend these meetings, which are usually held the fourth Wednesday of the month at 1:30 p.m. at the Monona County Extension Service, 119 Iowa, Ave., Onawa, IA 51040.  The group is also trying to initiate a Youth Leadership group to focus on the goals and objectives defined by the MCCA Steering Committee.  Please call Claudia Boss, Chairman at 712-423-9354, Holly Keegan at 712-234-2378, Julie Florian at 712-644-2220, or Ken Johnson at 712-433-1773 for more information. 
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