Monona County Public Health
Healthy Homes 

Vision:   Monona County homes are affordable and designed, constructed, rehabilitated, and maintained in a
manner that supports the health and safety of our residents.

To reduce health and safety hazards in housing in a comprehensive and cost-effective manner, with
               a particular focus on protecting the health of children and other sensitive populations in low-income

Healthy Homes Goals
     1.  To foster local and regional partnerships for implementing a healthy homes agenda.
     2.  To focus improvement efforts on links between housing and health and cost-effective methods to 
          address hazards.
     3.  To promote the incorporation of healthy homes principles into ongoing public health system (schools, 
          government, businesses, public health, et al) practices and programs.
     4.  To build sustainable local healthy homes programs.

Short-term Strategies:

     1.  Creating a mechanism for coordinating health homes activities, collaborating with local and regional
         health and safety improvement coalitions to promote healthy housing principles in areas where there is
         a critical public health need (e.g., smoke-free housing, injury prevention, post-disaster environments).
     2.  Enhance led hazard control programs' and home visiting program's (LFL) capability to address broader
          housing issues that impact occupant health (e.g., radon, mold, pests, etc.).

     3.  Action objectives to help assist planning:
             a)  Identification of homes where interventions would be appropriate (focusing on properties that
                  pose the greatest health risks, that is; those properties that are older, low-income, or in sub-
                  standard condition, will yield the greatest improvement in health).

             b)  Development of appropriately scaled and efficient intervention strategies (including policy,
                  building codes, and enforcement).

             c)  Selection of efficient strategies for evaluating intervention effectiveness.

             d)  Actively and collectively (local, regional and inter-agency) seek governmental and non-
                  governmental funding to correct multiple residential health and safety hazards that produce
                  diseases and injuries to children and other sensitive sub-groups (e.g., elderly).
                                                                          Healthy Homes
                                                                          Healthy People

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