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The Monona County Public Health Nursing Service will no longer participate in the Medicare Program (Title XVIII of the Social Security Act) effective January 31, 2012.

The agreement between Monona County Public Health Nursing Service in Onawa, IA and the Secretary of Health and Human Services will be terminated on January 31, 2012 in accordance with the provisions of the Social Security Act. 

This notice is a result of the Monona County Board of Health's decision on December 20, 2011 to discontinue Monona County Public Health Home Care Services.

It has been our privelidge and pleasure to serve the many residents of Monona County who utlized our home care services over the years.

Ken Johnson, Ph.D.
Administrator, Monona County Public Health

If you are in need of home care services yourself or know of someone who would benefit from home care services, please contact these home health agencies in Monona County:

Burgess Home Health/Hospice                         or                           Heights Home Health, Inc.
1600 Diamond St.                                                                         114 N. 4th St., Suite C
Onawa, IA 51040                                                                           Mapleton, IA 51034
Phone:  712-423-2311                                                                    Phone:  712-881-7144

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