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     Monona County Community Alliance    

What is MCCA?
The Monona Community Alliance is a community development process that engages rural communities to make local decisions.  MCCA develops ways for rural communities to improve local healthcare systems and improve the health status of area residents.  This is a unique process because the solutions are created by local residents who know what will work best for their community.  This approach helps diverse groups and individuals seek a common sense of loyalty and identification with health system goals, projects and programs.  It builds a shared commitment for the future.

What are the goals of MCCA?
  • To improve the health status of local residents
  • To involve as many people as possible in the decision-making process
  • To expand awareness of the health system's resources and of issues facing healthcare services
  • To develop new local leadership through training and experience in decision-making
  • To support the creation of projects and programs to identify common needs
  • To educate residents about the role healthcare plays in their personal lives

For more information about MCCA, its steering committee, roles, responsibilities and sponsored activities, see the following links:

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Monona County Health Improvement Plan  
05/20/2012 Monona County Community Alliance Steering Committee Press Release  
MCCA Stratetic Plan to Address Underage and Binge Drinking in Monona County 2011 - 2014      
Learning for Life Neighborhood Health & Safety Fair - sponsored in part by MCCA on June 7, 2012 
Photos of the Learning for Life Neighborhood Health & Safety Fair on June 7, 2012
Acting Out! performed at the Monona County Fair on July 13, 2012    

The workgroups that have been endorsed by the Monona County Community Alliance Steering Committee to focus on health improvement efforts as of December, 2012 include the following:

ERASE - Everyone Raising Awareness of Substance abuse Education     

Early Childhood Collaboration of Care Workgroup (this web page is under construction)  

Healthy Homes Workgroup   

Obesity Reduction Workgroup (Healthy Eating and Physical Activity) (this web page is under construction

Increase Childhood, Adolescent, and Adult Immunization Rates in Monona County   

Monona County Community Alliance Steering Committee

MCCA Steering Committee members:  Left to right:  Geri Johnson, Onawa; Tim Coyle, Onawa - Co-Chairman; Mahlon Carothers, Mapleton - Chairman; Dr. Jennifer Schenne, Mapleton; Diane Foss, Onawa.  Members not present for the photo:  Kathy Boehm, Mapleton, Fran Tramp, Blencoe


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