Monona County Public Health
Board of Health 

Public Health means protecting the health of the public.  It is due to the dedicated members of the Board of Health who volunteer their time and talents that the health of this county is monitored and assessed. 

All 99 counties in Iowa are under the leadership of their own board of health and Monona County is no exception.  Some of the responsibilities of the local Board of Health include the following:
1.  Support the mission of public health and the fundamentals of core public health functions:  

  • Support local public health department activities which impact public health
  • Communicate with residents of Monona County

2.  Communicate with residents of Monona County:

  • Discuss health issues and concerns with business and community leaders
  • Share plans for public health with the community and gather their input

3.  Develop public health policy based on input from the community:

  • Determine policy based on current and reliable data
  • Support policy for population-based public health and individual health

    4.  Assure compliance with legal responsibilities:

    • Understand the basis on which board responsibility is established
    • Conduct board meetings in accordance with the Iowa Open Meeting law

      5.  Understand and support quality and accountable practices:

      • Develop an understanding of public health's budgetary process
      • Assure that program standards and requirements are met


        Membership of a Local Board of Health: 

      • Consists of at least five members, one member must be a licensed physician in the state of Iowa
      • The membership term is 3 years; members may be reappointed 
      • Members shall serve without compensation, but may be reimbursed for necessary expenses
      • Vacancy due to death, resignation, or other cause shall be filled as soon as possible after the vacancy exists for the unexpired term of the original appointment.

      Current Board of Health Members: 
      Kathleen Bonnes, Chairperson
      Connie King, Vice-Chairperson
      Tracy Kahl, D.O.
      Scott North
      Mike Collison

      Please click the link below for more Board of Health guidelines:

         Iowa Local Boards of Health Guidebook   
         Local Boards of Health Toolkit  
         Bureau of Local Public Health Services - Local Board of Health  

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