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The I-Smile Dental Home Project is the result of a mandate passed by the Iowa legislature in 2005 that stated the following:  "By July 1, 2008, every recipient of medical assistance who is a child twelve years of age or younger shall have a designated dental home and shall be provided with dental screenings and preventative care identified in the oral health standards under the early and periodic screening, diagnosis and treatment program."

It is believed that Iowa's low-income and Medicaid enrolled children will benefit from this program to get the early prevention and treatment of dental disease through a dental home approach.

Please see the Iowa Department of Public Health link for the
I-Smile Dental Home Project.    

                               School Dental Screenings
School dental screenings are required for all newly enrolling children in an Iowa elementary or high school.  This requirement became effective July 1, 2008 in an effort to improve the oral health of Iowa's children.

Regional I-Smile coordinators partner with schools to assist students who need a screening or require follow-up dental care.  The following are some of the highlights of the school dental screening requirement:
   (1) The requirement applies to kindergarten and ninth grade students
   (2) A screening for kindergarten may be performed by a licensed   
        dentist, dental hygienist, nurse, advanced registered nurse 
        practitioner, or physician assistant.
   (3) A screening for ninth grade may be performed by a licensed
        dentist or dental hygienist only.
   (4) Screenings performed by out-of-state providers are allowed.
   (5) The Iowa Department of Public Health Certificate of Dental
         Screening is the only acceptable form.
   (6) A screening for kindergarten is valid from age 3 years to four
        momths after enrollment date.
   (7) A screening for 9th grade is valid from one year prior to
        enrollment to four months after enrollment date.

Click here for a copy of the Certificate of Dental Screening form 
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